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Do away with gut issues and claim back your love of food

Knowledge is power and I will ensure you have the knowledge and the skills to make a lasting change to your health.


The choices we make, not just in food, but in other aspects of our lives, impact on the quality of our life and our health.


My aim through this intense 4-month program is to re-program your habits in food, to start to make different choices, to listen to your body and to resolve any imbalances that currently affect your body and mainly your gut.


I want you to feel empowered, knowledgeable and confident that your health is being taken care of, because you've learned to listen and respond to your body more efficiently than you ever have before.

Why me?


Well, besides being a qualified Nutritionist with a qualification from the prestigious College of Naturopathic Medicine in Naturopathic nutrition, I'm also a qualified cook. I studied cookery in Australia and my focus was traditional French and South-East Asian cookery.

So I don't only know which foods to eat, I know how to prepare them in a way that will make your mouth water and fall in love with the foods on your plate. I have a BSc in Psychology from the Open University, which I studied for 7 years - yes, I have the persistence of a bulldog and I'm driven to see

I don't just want a little change for you, I want life-changing results, shifts that really move you to a new level.

I am dedicated to ongoing learning and pushing myself to be the best, so I can help you to be at your best. I have worked at Genova Diagnostics, one of the world's leading functional medicine laboratories, proving clinician support - essentially I help other clinicians and functional medicine doctors to interpret test results for their clients. It's an education role, which pushed me to be better, so I can make others better.


What are the benefits?

The benefits of this programme are the focused approach over period of 4 months, the intensity of the programme, which will enable you to focus on your specific issues and move through the program knowing what is happening, when and why at all stages.

The frequency of contact in the program is there to motivate, encourage, challenge and propel you further. You will be moving through the phases of recovery knowing what to expect, knowing that you have the right support because


I'm right there beside you, helping you on your road of recovery.

You are not on your own during the programme, you have my full support, but also support of others on the same journey via private Facebook group.

You will know what you are battling - no more mystery issues. We find out what is happening in your gut, so you are fully aware of what is going on and what the end picture will look like. You will know what and when to eat to feel well.

You will have the tools to make this a lasting success, with recipes that will please your gut and make your mouth water. You will learn about where is safe to eat out and how to make choices in restaurants that will not set back your healing.

You'll learn how to select your food for best nutrient benefits, so your ongoing food journey is supporting your lifestyle and your adventures.


Don’t just take my word for it, here are some testimonials from my clients that speak for themselves

‘When I had my first appointment with Martina I was surprised how comfortable I felt and how helpful and knowledgeable my therapist was. I had come to see her as I was not happy taking the strong medication any more that I had been advised to take from my Rheumatologist[ for the previous year] for osteoarthritis and psoriatic arthritis of some toes and hands.

I had done my nursing training so knew a certain amount of human anatomy, but Martina’s knowledge of the gut did surprise me!

After she had been through my dietary analysis….Martina did advise me to add certain foods into my diet and explained the reason why they were recommended.

I was advised to take some natural medication to ease my arthritic hands…they really helped me.

I think Martina was fairly impressed with my diet! But I had no idea the benefits of dark fruits, pineapple, papaya and Linseed oil & Chia seeds.

The Health plan Martina gave me was very helpful, as was the ‘Common sources of plant based calcium that offer good absorption’ for my Osteoporosis.

Martina is a very understanding therapist, and worked with me to improve my diet to help with my arthritis.

The treatment she suggested really did help……. [..if only I would stop my gardening and especially the fine finger movements of dealing with seeds and seedlings….I would not be having the extra pain, and swelling I am experiencing in my fingers!.]

I have been very satisfied with all the advice I was offered and have indeed recommended Martina to several friends who are not happy or helped with conventional medication.

The appointments were well worth the cost…for peace of mind…a healthier lifestyle and all the knowledge I gained each time we had contact.’ (Angela April 2020)

‘I first came to Martina for recommendation to improve my digestion. I was reacting to so many foods that I was feeling anxious every time I went out to work lunches or family dinners. I kept eating the same ‘safe’ foods, but over time even these were beginning to give me problems. I put some weight on too, because some of the ‘safe’ foods were not that healthy – but I saw it as if I had no choice.

I saw Martina and went on health program for couple of months and what a difference. I was surprised by some of the recommendations initially, but they really worked. My tummy felt good eating foods that I’ve not eaten for months and some even years. Over time I included more and more different foods into my days and felt much more like myself again. I felt looked after and in charge of my health.


Martina explained what was happening to me and why and with this understanding I can now make different choices in future plus I know what got me in the trouble in the first place. I also lost half a stone in weight in about 4 months, which I didn’t expect’ (Lea June 2017)

So what is actually included in the 4-month programme?

  • 1x Detailed health questionnaire completed by you prior to our sessions, this will give me lot of information about you and will save us time in the session, so we can focus on planning your journey 

  • 5x 1-2-1 sessions with me (total of 5.5hrs), in these sessions we will set out the goals, the route to the goals and the recovery journey of how to get there. These will be intense sessions aimed to strategize the plan, to encourage you and motivate you on your healing journey. I always take the opportunity to explain what is going on and why, as this understanding will drive you to make the necessary changes

  • 12x weekly meal plans along with shopping lists and recipes These plans take into consideration the part of the program you are on, so you will get different recipes at the start of the program to the end, but always, always delicious 

  • Individualised supplement plan, which will be updated at each session as necessary. The supplements will make your healing journey more efficient and speedier. The end goal however, is not to leave you with lots of supplements, but rather a routine top up of nutrients as necessary.

  • 1x full Gastrointestinal functional comprehensive digestive stool analysis by Genova Diagnostics. This is a stool test completed in the privacy of your home and then shipped off to the laboratory for testing. This stool profile will enable us to see markers of your digestion and absorption - how well you're breaking down fats and protein, inflammatory markers, microbiome metabolites, your microbiome profile, assessment of any potential pathogens, pathogens, yeast and parasites.

  • 1x Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth test this is a breath test taken over a span of 3 hrs in 20 minute intervals. This test will give a clarity on whether there are bacteria which create gases in your small intestines, namely hydrogen and methane. It's a noninvasive test that can be performed in the comfort of your home.

  • 5x learning videos with in-depth details of each stage of the programme, these videos are aimed to give you the knowledge and practical tools to make the most of each of the stage so you are empowered to make each stage a success and enjoy the process

  • Access to a bank of helpful handouts on variety of topics


As a bonus I will provide you with therapeutic grade essential oils (total cost of £75) which embody the regenerating, protective and immune-strengthening properties of plants. These oils help us to calm tension and nerves, promote positive feelings, help decrease stress and promote relaxation. All of this helps you on your healing journey as stress reduction is oftentimes key part of the solution.

How does that sound? If you would like to have a chat with me about the program and how this could improve your life then please book a call with me. It is a free 15-minute consultation where we can explore your goals and I can answer any questions you have.


In the meantime, you can also download my free guide to the 7 steps you can take right now to improve your digestion. This is a great place to start and you can do it RIGHT NOW!

You can also join my follow me on my Facebook page where I frequently add useful content and videos or my Instagram page.

The full price of the program is over £2,200, but I offer you this 4 month programme for £1,350




Gut issues generally don't go away on their own, so are you prepared to suffer for months and years to come? Are you prepared to make this your normal? No energy, poor mood and very troublesome gut? Worrying each time you go to a restaurant or to friend's for dinner? 

If you are - no problem, but if you're not, book your free call with me now and

let's change it together.


PS: I have been where you are. I went travelling in Vietnam with my friends’ number of years ago and returned with a very upset tummy and I took about a year to recover. I remember vividly the sleepless nights, thinking my gut is about to burst because I can't be experiencing so much pain without something being really wrong. I had multitudes of tests at the GP and came away with no robust answers. But I chose to resolve it and invested in my health. I really cleaned up my diet, took out some foods that I were problematic for me, and healed the gut. I also worked with some practitioners who really helped me on my healing journey – they were my inspiration. My problems went away and now I want the same for you. 


Q&A section: 


Will the session be arranged at specific times? What if I am busy? 

The sessions are arranged by yourself, so the times will always be suitable to you. You can also change the times and dates for up to 24hr prior to the appointed time 

Can I pay in instalments? 

Yes you can, but please know that the initial instalment is higher due to the cost of the tests. 

Can I get some of these tests done via my GP?

Your GP may test for some of these, but the benefit of this program is to have all the information at hand right at the beginning, so we can tailor the plan. Your GP may or may not authorise testing. GP testing tends to be diagnostic, not functional – which is not optimum for this program.

I have already done intolerance test years ago – can you use this?

The reactions of your body will have changed, especially if you have not resolved the root cause of the issues. There may be more foods you are reacting to now and they may have changed, depending on what you are eating now. I like to use current profile, because it’s reflecting your gut profile right now.


I had some tests done via my GP – do you need to see them?

I may need to ask you to view these, because if there are any relevant issues I will need to take this into consideration when preparing your plan.

What if I need more testing done? 

We can arrange further testing upon discussion and agreement. These tests will be charged separately 

Will the recipes be targeted at me? What if I have intolerance for some specific food and want to avoid it? 

Your recipes will be prepared with your food intolerance / allergies in mind, so you are avoiding them for as long as you need to avoid them and we re-introduce them at the right time in the program.

What if I'm not getting better? 

With this much support and information we will be making progress, but it does take dedication and courage at your end. If you give it a go and really implement what I will ask you to, you will feel the benefits.

I update the Q&A section as different questions arise

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