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At MCNT I specialize in personalized nutrition plans, using a functional medicine approach and functional testing.


My areas of expertise include

IBS  - Multiple food sensitivities - Reflux - Bloating - Chronic Digestive Disease Support - Autoimmune Disease Support - Functional Testing - Stress and fatigue-related issues

Book your free 10 minute phone conversation to find out how nutritional therapy can help you.

Recipes & Tips 


Take a walk through some of my preferred recipes to revitalise your diet and provide you with natural energy and a healthy body. 

Feel good from the inside out. 

Book Your Consultation 


I offer a free 10-minute phone consultation.

I ask all my clients to complete a questionnaire prior to any session with me. This questionnaire provides me with an overview of the current health of the client and enables me to focus on the core issues of the client with the sessions.

I run 3-month digestive recovery programs with my clients. These benefit from focussed attention and frequency of contact, giving the client the best support in recovery. 

I no longer offer individual appointments as my experience has taught me that in order to achieve a lasting change in digestive health, the clients require regular support.

My 3-month digestive recovery program includes 3 monthly sessions with me, 2 progress updates via a 30-minute telephone conversation and access to me via phone or e-mail between all appointments. The cost of this program is £395.