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At MCNT I specialise in personalised nutrition plans, using functional medicine approach.


My areas of expertise include

Energy and Vitality  - Stress Management - Hormonal Balance - Chronic Disease Support - Autoimmune Disease Support - Healthy Aging - Weight Loss - Functional Testing - Digestion

Book your free 10 minute phone conversation to find out how nutritional therapy can help you.

Recipes & Tips 


Take a walk through some of my preferred recipes to revitalise your diet and provide you with natural energy and a healthy body. 

Feel good from the inside out. 

Book Your Consultation 


I offer a free 10 minute phone consultation.

When you book a consultation, you will be sent an easy to complete health questionnaire, asking you to provide information related to your health, lifestyle and diet. 

I ask for this questionnaire to be returned to me 3 days before your appointment. 

The initial consultation will take approximately 90 minutes, follow up consultations last 60 minutes.