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The 7 things you can do RIGHT NOW to improve your digestion

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The 7 things you can do right now to improve your digestionn
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I offer 4-month digestive recovery programme for my clients.


These benefit from focused attention and frequency of contact, giving the client the best support in recovery. 

I no longer offer individual appointments as my experience has taught me that in order to achieve a lasting change in digestive health, the clients require regular support.


People are generally interested in gut health once they need to be interested in it - when there are issues that either have them running to the loo or wishing that they could.  I love working with people on improving their gut health, because for me, this is the base of all our health. It underpins all our body systems, because if you are not absorbing nutrients from your food, you are not getting the necessary support for your immunity, your muscles, your hormones, skin and so on. So, as it is often coined 'All disease begins in the gut'  

While the knowledge of the workings of the digestive tract has been known within the medical profession for a long time, the finer intricacies such as the

impact the bacteria have on our digestive and overall health have, is only now coming to the forefront.

What we are now understanding is that we have a synergistic relationship with these bacteria and when that relationship breaks down it can lead to all types of dysfunction, not only in the digestive system but also in all the other areas of the body.

There are now multiple ways of assessing the health of your digestive tract, including the microbiome, and I love using the different functional tests in my practice. At MCNT I practice within the framework of Functional Medicine. Functional medicine strives to understand the root causes of different symptoms and then focuses on addressing them. 

I am fortunate to be able to draw on my expertise as a clinical education specialist in one of the World’s leading Functional Medicine testing laboratories, Genova Diagnostics.

At Genova Diagnostics I provide education consultations for medical professionals as well as fellow nutritionists on a broad variety of functional testing, including several digestive stool analysis, endocrine, genetic and nutritional evaluation profiles.


My digestive restoration programme will empower you to live a healthy life, understanding what has led to your gut symptoms and how to prevent a relapse. I believe that my client's should have an understanding of what is causing their discomfort and  education plays an important role in all my programmes. 


I offer evidence-based nutritional guidance that has transformed the health and life of hundreds of individuals.


“You were truly outstanding and my friend Angela felt the same about your help.”


- Gloria April 2019