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The 7 things you can do RIGHT NOW to improve your digestion

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I offer 4-month digestive recovery programme for my clients.


These benefit from focused attention and frequency of contact, giving the client the best support in recovery. 

I no longer offer individual appointments as my experience has taught me that in order to achieve a lasting change in digestive health, the clients require regular support.


Over the past 10 years, there has been an explosion of research into digestive health. Ancient cultures have known for millennia that digestive health is the

key to a healthy mind and body and modern science is just re-discovering the connection between digestive health and the rest of the body.

While the knowledge of the workings of the digestive tract has been known within the medical profession for a long time, the finer intricacies such as the

impact the bacteria have on our digestive and overall health have, is only now coming to the forefront.

Developments in how we can now analyse bacteria in the gut and the rest of the digestive system mean that we are now able to see the systemic effect that bacteria have on the rest of our physiology.


In fact, research suggests that we have around 10 times the number of bacteria in our body compared to the number of our own cells in our body – they complete us.

What we are now understanding is that we have a synergistic relationship with these bacteria and when that relationship breaks down it can lead to all types of dysfunction, not only in the digestive system but also in all the other areas of the body as well.

I am fortunate to be able to draw on my expertise as a clinical education specialist in one of the World’s leading Functional Medicine testing laboratories, Genova Diagnostics.

At Genova Diagnostics I provide education consultations for medical professionals as well as fellow nutritionists on a broad variety of functional testing, including several digestive stool analysis.


My digestive restoration programme will empower you to live a healthy lifestyle. 





I offer evidence-based nutritional guidance that has transformed the health and life of hundreds of individuals.


“You were truly outstanding and my friend Angela felt the same about your help.”


- Gloria April 2019




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